Meet the founder of Cities Reimagined.

Alex Johnston is a civic designer and social entrepreneur. In 2014, Alex founded Cities Reimagined, a civic design firm that employs principles of design to solve complex challenges in urban cities. Alex is known as a relentless optimist, someone who gets things done, and has the ability to bring even the most divisive groups together around a core mission.

After completing an undergraduate and graduate degree in business, Alex spent years working in human services and local government, creating citizen focused solutions to local challenges. The unique solutions and programs that came from stepping into the shoes of citizens rather than leading by process inspired her to take this work to scale, starting Cities Reimagined as a boutique consulting firm focused on design thinking in urban cities. Alex is joined by a team of freelance designers who are passionate about empowering communities to creatively solve problems.

When she isn’t rapid prototyping and playing design games with public servants, Alex is learning to play fiddle in the Johnston Family Band and exploring new places and cultures. Alex is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree at the London School of Economics. She is also a regular public speaker with emphasis on urban innovation and systems design.