Design an
Urban Revolution

Cities Reimagined is a civic design studio working with public and private sector leaders to solve urban challenges through human centered design.


The most pressing issues facing urban cities are complex - they are no longer addressable by a single way of thinking.

Cities Reimagined works alongside local leaders like mayors, philanthropists and corporate CEOs to tackle large scale change projects. You are the experts on your city - we are the experts on how to get you where you want to go. 

Whatever your challenge or task, our citizen focused approach fuels the creation of solutions that resonate more deeply with the residents and leaders of your community for lasting change. 

Benefits of Human Centered Design


Think like a designer in your organization. Many people make the mistake of believing that design is only what something looks like. The core of design is considering what it feels like to your customer.


Build the tools to continuously improve. Designers excel in their ability to continuosly challenge the status quo and creatively invent the future.


Explore a solutions focused approach. Thinking like a designer can help you get outside the traditional problem focused box and find innovation solutions for your customers and for your organization.

When you understand the people you’re trying to reach—and then design from their perspective—not only will you arrive at unexpected answers, but you’ll come up with ideas that they’ll embrace.
— David Kelley, IDEO