Lynchburg, VA // Employment Matchmaking

Today, job candidates are evaluated on three criterion: education, skills, and personal network.

Cities Reimagined worked with the City of Lynchburg to find a creative, budget friendly solution to this problem. Together, we proposed that Lynchburg businesses agree to take a chance on individuals without degrees and living in poverty who were simply willing and able to learn on the job. The employer would provide paid, on the job training for six months and in turn, gain and valuable and loyal employee. Employers agreed to pay a minimum of $12.50 an hour, moving 100% of local TechHire participants out of poverty.


The success from this non-traditional approach earned the City of Lynchburg a national designation as a TechHire community, a White House initiative aimed at preparing non-traditional job seekers with middle and high skill employment. One participant said, “TechHire put me with an employer that allowed me to learn on the job. I got a chance to prove myself in a position where I probably wouldn’t have been seen as a serious candidate.”


Graduates of the TechHire program have been given the opportunity to learn new skills, improve their lives and contribute to the local economy.